Here I Go Again…

I’ve worked so hard on my AOL journal and now I have to start all over again. I’m not quite sure how to manuever this Blog site. I will miss the alerts that AOL had. They were great…when they worked. I will eventually add links to other journals/blogs as soon as I figure out how to do that. I’ll try to get some pictures on here, too. This is all such a weird feeling! I feel like I’m going through a break up of sorts. I feel like there was an unwelcome third party in my AOL relationship and I had to get out fast and move to somewhere I’ve never been and now I’m trying to get my bearings about me. I know there are other AOL deserters here somewhere in this big blog land and I hope to reconnect at some point. I wonder, will any of my ‘regulars’, so-to-speak, come visit me here? I guess it’s a waiting game; waiting to see who will come by and see me; waiting to see if AOL will realize the error of their ways and fix this mess they made…..sigh…..oh well. Adapt, improvise, overcome, as the military likes to say. This has been one really weird day. So, to my old friends, hello! If you’re new here, I’m sorry you’re coming into my rant. It’ll be bettet tomorrow. Maybe. I hate AOL.

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4 Responses to “Here I Go Again…”

  1. Susan Says:

    Hi! Stumbled on your blog, and it appears that I’ve found my twin: I’ve been married for 14 years, grew up in Downey, can’t quite figure out this site…plus, I’m a Cancer, too!

    Anyway, thought I’d say hi 🙂

  2. Susan Says:

    No WAY! I’m ADHD and I take Concerta, too!!! SHUT UP!

    What a weird thing.

  3. Chris Says:

    Wow. I have a new friend…and she had to see my ‘rant’. How fun is that for her?? Welcome to my world Susan. Who seems to be just like me. A Cancer. Hyper. Possible Twin. 😉

  4. Anonymous Says:

    It is kind of weird for me to. I have to find another site to have my blog at but I think that I would be laying down and taking anyhting if I stayed with AOL so I applaud you and the many others who are standing up.


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