I’m not so sure about this place

Okay people. Yes, I’ve got a thing for Matthew McConhaughey, but not enough to post about him twice in a row! Well, really I do have a big thing for him to post twice in a row but I can hear all the snickers from everyone about me being a middle aged woman lusting after this man so I wouldn’t do something like that. Not on purpose anyway, which is the case of posting two times about this lovely specimen of a man. I’m already having issues with this blog place. It takes forever to post and tells me it didn’t post what I had written, so I do it again. Still nothing. I got frustrated and went out to dinner. I came back and lo and behold! There’s my Matty Boy on my blog two times! Yes, it was lovely to look at, but I’m not going to leave both of them. Now, I’ve been trying to delete one of the posts, and it’s not happening. Yet anyway. So, if you’re reading this and see only one picture of Matty Boy, well then, the other post is gone. If you’re reading this and see two pictures of Matty Boy, then my deletion has not worked. Oh well. I don’t care if there’s one or two Matty Boys here. Can’t have too many, right??


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