Okay…I’ll bite…

No, still no Christmasy feeling on my part. Not one bit. Though I did finally get the photos of the boys done and they are fabu, if I say so myself. Unfortunately, I can’t share them yet. I can’t let everyone else see them before the recipients of the cards. That just wouldn’t be fair. But let me tell you when I say I’m chomping at the bit to share them with you! I will say, though, that I have found a custom holiday card maker by the name of Ellen who has the greatest photo cards to choose from. She will custom design anything for you. Definitely stop by and check her website out when you get the chance. In the meantime, over at Dale’s place ( the significant other half of my ‘twin’ Jennifer), I found the following, so hoping this will give me that “warm and fuzzy” holiday feeling, I will particpate.

1. The Ghost of Christmas Past – What present was your favorite to get as a child? Not a specific gift, but a type of gift, or maybe gifts from a certain person?

2. The Ghost of Christmas Present – What is one thing you love about Christmas? Not loved….love.

3. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come – Name a tradition that that you would like to start—or restart—in the future.

All right…who else wants to play?If you pick up the challenge please post a link to your answers as a comment to this post at http://www.dcroe.com/2005/12/making-christmas-bright.html.Merry Christmas

Okay, my answers:
1. Favorite gift was a doll. Any doll. And barbies. What can I say? It’s a chick thing.

2. I love Christmas lights and decorations. I love to see really nicely decorated houses for the holiday.

3. I would love to some how have a family gathering on Christmas Eve like our family used to do. I miss them terribly.

Okay. There’s my two cents. Your turn.


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