Just sit back and relax….

and enjoy the lovely voices of LeeAnn Womak and the wonderful Harry Connick Jr. singing the lovely tune, “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. Hey, it’s not your typical Christmas song, but if I’ve got to motivate for the holiday, this is the way to start. Besides, I gotta’ thing for Harry. If you don’t hear it right away, give it a minute to load. Enjoy!


5 Responses to “Just sit back and relax….”

  1. Bedazzzled1 Says:

    Oooo…Harry Connick is yummy! In response to the question you asked me, NO, I did not get the music to work correctly in my blog. I either had no sound, or I had sound with no entry. You need to tell me the exact place where you inserted the code. (And thanks for the hysterical laughs the other nite. I absolutely could not stop!)

  2. DEREK Says:

    I took my mom to see Harry Connick Jr in concert a few years ago, she loved it. I’ll have to check this one out, I havn’t heard it yet. Love the new picture of you and the boys. 🙂

  3. jeni Says:

    ooh, nummy! HC,jr. man do i have a thing for that man. i think its all crooners in general…i love frank & bing, mel & dean. and to boot, harry is eye candy too.

    so, are you feeling more holiday-ish or do i have to beat you with a candy cane??

  4. Stephaine Says:

    LOL@the candy cane beating.

    Harry is hot. It’s cold outside here anyway, so that’s an appropriate song.

  5. Judith HeartSong Says:

    I adore Harry…… said the lesbian.

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