Who’d have thought?

This morning as I was preparing to walk out the door for work, I got a phone call from my supervisor telling me we were so slow that I didn’t have to come in. So I didn’t! That was at 8:15. Everyone was still asleep, so rather than stay home, I decided to finish up my shopping and sneak in a movie if possible. Sure enough, because it’s Christmas vacation pretty much everywhere right now, the movies were starting as early as 9 a.m. Off I went to a 9:20 movie to see “The Family Stone”. How weird it was to be sitting in a dark movie theater at 9.am. with only 3 other people!

After that, I hit Wal-Mart, Mervyn’s, Sears, JCPenney, and Borders Book store. All I needed from Borders were gift cards. That store is huge. I walked in and walked right out. The line was all the way to the back of the store! Literally. Wouldn’t it be much easier if they had atleast one out of the 8 registers just for gift cards?? So, my only option now is to go really early or really late. Lovely.

When I got home this afternoon, I was assaulted by my two boys upon entering. They were hungry and wanted lunch. Meanwhile, my husband is sitting on the couch (which I think is permanently attached to his posterior) channel surfing. I walked further into the house and nearly killed myself tripping over the 2 mile long line of Hot Wheel cars that my 5 yr. old had lined up through the living room, down the hallway and into his bedroom were they will apparently meet their demise from the waiting Transfomers ready to annihilate them. I managed to make my way to the kitchen only to find an array of open canisters of playdoh doing there best to shrivel up and die. Maybe I should have stayed out longer.

Once I managed to get my shoes kicked off and grab a Diet Dr. Pepper, I made my way to my computer to check my email and what do I find? An email from my supervisor telling me that it would more than likely continue to be slow this week so I can take the week off if I want. Are you kidding me?? My kids have converted my house into a speedway, my husband is watching a Dirty Harry movie for the umpteenth time and won’t relinquish control of the remote to anyone. Do you think I’m going to stay home from work for this? For the first time in my history of working, I declined to take the week off. I want to go socialize with other grown ups where there isn’t a HotWheel insight for miles…not counting the ones in my car, that is. I will gladly go off to work for the rest of the week. Who’d have thought?!


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