Alright. I’ll do it.

I have been tagged from over at Bedazzled . These are the rules of the game: The first player chose a topic. In this case, the topic is FIVE WEIRD HABITS OF YOURS. You must then write a journal entry listing those weirdnesses you possess~as well as the rules of the game. Then, you select FIVE PEOPLE TO TAG and link their names/blogs in your entry. Go to their journals and leave a comment informing them they have been tagged by you and to read your journal to see in what way they have been nailed! Those five then MUST write an entry listing their weird habits and tag an additional five people. I’ve pretty much been ordered to play this game or my name will be mud. So, if I’ve tagged you, humor me. It’s only 5 things. Love ya!!


1). I always smell each piece of fresh laundry as I fold them to put them away. Always have.

2). I cannot stand to see any hanging picture that is crooked. I don’t care where I am or what I’m doing, but I have to straighten it. If I can’t make it straight, I have to turn away from it or leave the area. Yeah. I know. Weird.

3). I have to eat the food on my plate in clockwise order and the food cannot touch. If it does, I can’t eat it.

4). The money in my wallet must be in numerical order, highest amount in front and lower amounts to the back. All bills must be face forward and completely straight.

5). I can’t stand to wear socks to bed and don’t want anyone in my bed with socks on, either. I will make my husband leave the bed or take them off. I can’t stand the way they feel when his socked feet brush against my feet or leg.

Now, I’m going to tag these 5:


Okay. Now please let there be someone out there more weird than me! After putting in writing my weird habits, I realize just how bizarre I am and I should probably be medicated.


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