Photo Friday: Best of 2005

This is my entry for the Photo Friday challenge. It’s not the best picture, but it’s my favorite of 2005. I had posted about this picture before. Owen always cooperates when I have a camera, no matter what mood he’s in. Sometimes when he’s mad or pensive and I get my camera out he doesn’t think I’ll actually take his picture, but of course I do. C’mon! Me? Not take a picture? Besides, I think my camera is now another appendage on my body. We’re never apart. My husband says it gets more attention than he does. Hmmm…maybe!

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4 Responses to “Photo Friday: Best of 2005”

  1. Stephaine Says:

    That is a great picture.

    Thanks for the comment earlier, it means a lot.

  2. Gail in MN Says:

    I can see why that’s your favorite! I love black and white pictures.

  3. Tammy Says:

    Wow, I hope I can do photography like you do! I’m going to take your advise on the baby. I love his eyes in this shot, he’s a natural! Thanks for your friendship! HAPPY NEW YEAR! There are more pics on my flickr tag 🙂

  4. Bedazzzled1 Says:

    Ooooo…that is an awesome picture. No wonder it is your favorite of the year.

    Warm wishes for a Happy New Year, Chris!

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