Momma Will Fix It

Our weather can be so extreme here in Southern California. The first part of the week were cold Santa Ana winds which blew everything, everywhere. The past couple of days have had humidity and partly cloudy. This, of course, wreaks havoc with Owens already beat up immune system. This kid is continually in Asthma Hell. Literally. Singulair chewable every night, Pulmacort inhaled steroid via a nebulizer three times a day, Claritan every morning and Flonase nasal steroid every night. Well, needless to say, he’s now sick. His lungs are so full of gunk right now. So now he’s taking an oral steroid for the next 14 days and an antibiotic just for kicks. For those of you that have kids with asthma and have taken an oral steroid know the taste is pretty darn nasty. Unbelievably so. Tonight I filled up 5 seperate little medicine cups: Motrin, Predinisone, Benadryl, Zytrhomax and Singulair. Does he complain? Never. Probably because he’s been doing this since he was a year old. I was told he would more than likely outgrow it by 5. Well, after a hospital stay, again, this past September and the fact that he turned 6 last Tuesday, I don’t see him outgrowing this anytime soon. Now his doctor says probably by 10. Yeah, we’ll see. Next week, we have an appointment with a pulmonary specialist to see just how damaged his little lungs are. I read in Time Magazine last year that the lungs of a 2 yr. old living in this country, especially in those areas with the worst smog (Los Angeles definitely being one of those areas) have the lungs of a 20 yr. old, damage wise. This doesn’t suprise me at all.
Once I was home from work, Owen was so relieved. When he needed another breathing treatment, his dad got up to get it ready, but he only wanted me to do it. “Only Momma can fix it”, he said. When I was his age, I remember only wanting my mom to take care of me when I got sick. Never my dad. Even then I knew there was just no way he would know what to do for me. Only mommas can do that! I guess it’s like that for all kids and that’s just fine with me. As long as he wants me to take care of him, I will. I won’t get to hold him on my lap and cuddle with him much longer, so for now, sick or not, I’ll take all the cuddling I can get and enjoy every minute of it!

4 Responses to “Momma Will Fix It”

  1. Spill The Beans Says:

    gosh, i hated reading this…there is nothing worse than worrying about our children like this…but i think mom cuddling is one of the best cure-alls. đŸ™‚

  2. Laura Says:

    awww poor Owen!
    Bill called me at work today to tell me little man was a bit wheezy today so we upped the treatments.
    ::::crossing my fingers he stays healthy:::
    prayers for Owen to be breathing easier soon!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hope Owen is feeling a lot better by now. Helen

  4. d.challener roe Says:

    Well Chris hold onto this…most kids who have severe asthma before puberty largely outgrow it after puberty.

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