Trial and Error

As well as having severe asthma, Owen also has severe allergies. He’s allergic to penicillin, peanuts, strawberries and all milk-based foods. When I say severe, I mean ‘hives, swelling, throat-closing, can’t breathe severe’. So along with all his other medicines, we have the ever-popular Epi-pen, an injectable dose of epinephrine. Thankfully, we’ve never had to use it. Not yet, anyway.
Last night for dinner we ordered pizza. Now that Owen is older he’s more aware of the fact that he can’t eat the things we eat. Last night was no exception. Everytime we get pizza, he always says it smells good and he wants to eat it, too. Can you blame him?
At least once a year, we give him a very small bite of some food that he is allergic to. We have no other way to see if he’s outgrown it, like the doctors say he will (but I wonder about that). Since it had been a year or longer since we last tried, we decided to go ahead and try the pizza. So, having Benadryl and epi-pen standing by, I cut up a pizza slice in tiny little pieces for him. He tried a piece and loved it. I wouldn’t let him have another until he waited about 10 minutes. Most allergic reactions occur rather quickly, though they can occur up to 2 hours later. After ten minutes, no reaction. He usually can tell right away because he’ll tell me his tongue ‘itches’. When that happens, he gets a dose of Benadryl. He wanted another piece, so I let him have another. Still no reaction. He really wanted to eat it all, so I let him do it, but slowly. After he finished, he said he felt fine. He was so darn happy to be able to eat something we always eat. When dinner was done, I kept a close eye on him and told him to tell let me know if he started feeling funny in any way. He never did. Could he finally be over his allergy to milk-based food? We were sure hoping so!
At 3:30 this morning, Owen woke me to tell me he was having an asthma attack. This didn’t surprise me since we have a brush fire in the area and the air is full of smoke and ash. He had already had one treatment at school yesterday and then one last night. When I turned on the light to get up and get his nebulizer ready, I gasped. His face, neck, arms and chest had huge hives all over them and his ears were beet red (a typical sign when having an allergic reaction). He was completely congested and wheezing, hence the above picture. You can see how red his poor little ears are and even though it’s not the best picture, you can see the red all around his nose and eyebrow and around the neck of the shirt. (If you click on the picture, you get a better idea). I immediately gave him benadryl and a breathing treatment and waited and watched. It wasn’t quite bad enough to use the Epi-pen, but his hives kept spreading. So, off we went to the ER where they went ahead and gave him a dose of epinephrine anyway just to be on the safe side. By the time we got home, it was 6 a.m.
Apparently he is still allergic. The doctor said it was unusual for the reaction to come so much later but that until the allergin is completely out of his system,(which can take up to 48 hours), he can have additional reactions. So, no school or work today. I’ve been watching him and he’s doing fine. Tomorrow at school I’ll need to tell them to watch for any changes or reactions as well. Of course, Owen says he never wants to eat pizza again. I certainly don’t blame him!


9 Responses to “Trial and Error”

  1. Stephaine Says:

    Blogger gives me the hardest time about leaving a comment here or is that your nice way of telling me to be quiet.

    I’m glad he’s doing better.

    When I was 8 or 9 I had a reaction to tomato sauce. I couldn’t have ketchup, spaghetti sauce, pizza and my favorite up until that point a BLT. I was completely devastated. Hey, I was a kid it was the end of the world as I knew it. Finally when I was a rebellious teenager I decided to try ketchup on my fries at Mikey D’s one day. No reaction. Granted I couldn’t tell my Dad because he would have been so pissed at me for doing it but I eventually worked my way up to a BLT and finally told him.

    Here’s to hoping he grows out of most if not all of his allergies.

  2. Karen Funk Blocher Says:

    Can’t blame him for wanting to try it, either. Poor little guy! – K.

  3. Suz Says:

    Poor little guy, hugs to you and him. I hope by the time you read this that is he doing better.

    Hugs Suz

  4. DEREK Says:

    I sure hope he does too! I was much like he was when I was young, allergic to many of the same things you mentioned, with an addition of about 4 others. I outgrew all of my alleryies with the exception of shellfish and iodine. Those are the only two allergies I kept. Shrimp is my families number 1 comfort food. I still go get me a shot once a year so I can eat some fried shrimp with them.

  5. Tammy Says:

    Poor Ownen! My youngest had Asthma and the dreaded “Nebulizer.” It can be very scary! No pizza is also very sad, my oldest has IBS and it kills her to not be able to eat pizza 😦

    Love the new look!

    Hugs, Tammy

  6. Bedazzzled1 Says:

    Awww, I feel so bad for him. It has to be rough watching people eating and raving about foods he cannot have. I am sorry pizza is still off-limits to him. I am sure you were pretty scared, too. Hugs, friend.

    ::grin:: Your decorating in here looks great.

  7. Plunky Says:

    I came from Ginger’s site as she designed my website also. Love yours! Aww, poor little guy. That is so scary. I so hope he out grows those allergies!

  8. Moonchild Says:

    I’m 38 and wear a similar contraption for my sleep apnea. love the template.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Poor little guy, It’s so sad that he has to watch what he eats so closely. Somehow your site disappeared off my favorites. I saw your name on another journal. Hope you are having a nice weekend and hope Owen is over his allergic spell by now. Helen

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