Thirteen of my Favorite Blogs!
(in alphabetical order)
1. Adventures in Juggling…I love reading about Laura’s job as an RN in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). The stories she tells about the babies and patients she’s had are amazing. Oh, and she’s a mom of 5 to boot!
2. The Daily Warrior…Tammy raised two girls on her own while living with ALS (Lou Gherig’s Disease) and recently married the love of her life. She’s a walking miracle and loves life! She s definitely and inspiration to all who know her.

3. Judith Heartsong…her artwork is incredible and and her outlook on life is an inspiration, to say the least.

4. Michele…her blog is totally interactive and fun. Every post requires your participation. Great for a night when you can’t sleep!

5. My Everyday Life…This blog is written by Helen and is about her day-to-day life living in a beautiful area of Alabama. Everyday she posts a different picture that’s gorgeous from wildlife to plant life to fishing!

6. My Photographic Life…So what if it’s mine? I like it and that’s all that matters!

7. Random Stuff…Stephaine has a great sense of humor and I love reading her blog because I can relate and she makes me laugh.

8. Rough Draft…He’s an aspiring writer and and his posts always seem to suck you right in. He also happens to be engaged to my girlfriend, AKA my twin, and has no problem professing his love for her and her 4 kids all over his blog as well. That alone is worth reading.

9. Straddling the Line…I just recently started frequenting this blog about a mom and wife who just drove cross country from Washington state to Mass to her new home. Any mom/wife who reads it will relate.

10. Talking2Myself…this woman has issues that we can all relate to. Everything you’ve thought but never said? Well, she does it for you. Seriously funny!

11. Through My Eyes…Derek loves photography (like me!) and his pictures are just great. He really gets the emotion in all his photos, especially his niece and nephews who are his favorite subjects!

12. Volcanic Sacrifices…Jenn, AKA my twin, has a wicked sense of humor and tells it like it is. She is also engaged to Dale, blogger of #8 on my list. They’re a pretty sappy couple, but that’s what I love about them!

13. It’s All About Me…I think!…yeah yeah. I know. It’s mine. So what? This is my Thursday Thirteen. So there!

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