Thirteen Things That
are “Must Haves” in
My Life

1. Starbucks Coffee…I’ve said it before: Nectar of the Gods

2. Bottled Water…and not just because I work for a very popular, well known water delivery company either. I refuse to use tap water from anywhere.

3. Sunblock…I use it everyday on my face and when I remember, I use it on every other body part that may be exposed to the sun.

4. Sunglasses….I practically live in them!

5. Air Conditioning…in the summer, there’s no living without it.

6. 6 CD Changer….in my truck. I cannot drive without music. Ever.

7. Cell Phone…I don’t have a home phone. My cell is my home phone.

8. My Computer…no explanation needed.

9. TiVo…again, no explanation needed.

10. XXL men’s T-Shirts…specifically my husband’s. They are used as my p.j.’s year round.

11. Diet Dr. Pepper…a daily habit for me. I try to drink only one can a day. Sometimes, I drink two.

12. Old Navy Low Rise Boot-Cut Jeans-The most comfortable jeans ever that they make long enough for my 36″ long legs!

13. Hubby and Kids…yes, sappy I know. And not necessarily in that order, either!

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(I’m posting this so late because blogger has been uncooperative for the past 24 hours!)


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