Here We Go Again…

When you have severe asthma and go from 95 degrees one day to a damp, overcast, cool 70 degrees for the next couple of days, this is what can happen. It wreaks havoc on his sinuses which then turns into a sinus infection which then in turn heads right into his lungs. Hence, breathing treatments every four hours. He’s so used to them, he sleeps right through them. My goal here is to not let this happen again.
These medications are what he takes daily when he’s not sick. Today, after a visit to urgent care, we have added to his collection an antibiotic and a steroid for the next week. I think this bothers me more than him. He has been doing this since he was 4 months old so he doesn’t really know any different. He’s such a champ. That steroid is really nasty tasting but he said if it will keep him from going into the hospital again, he’ll take it. And he does. I was told this would probably all pass by the time he was five. Now that he’s six, I’m told hopefully when he is a teenager. Here’s hoping.


8 Responses to “Here We Go Again…”

  1. "D" Says:

    Bless that little guy! And you too… hope your both breathing easier soon!

  2. J. Says:

    Awwwww… poor little guy.
    There oughtta be a law that kids just do.not.get.sick.

    Happy, healthy thoughts to you both, my friend.

  3. DEREK Says:

    poor guy. I sure hope he grows out of it like I did.

  4. OldOldLady Of The Hills Says:

    Oh I hope so too,…He is remarkable that he just does whatever is needed…but as you said, he has been doing it since he is very young…that’s all he knows! Gee, won’t it be wonderful when all of these medications are a thing of the past for him! Stay strong, my dear…

  5. Sparkling Diamond Says:

    Poor little guy! I have a niece that goes through this, it is so hard to watch such little ones deal with this. I hope he is doing better and that he does grow out of it!

  6. Tammy Says:

    Poor little man! Speedy recovery

  7. Katrina Says:

    Awww…hope you guys can keep the hospital at bay!

    I have prayed and prayed that our little ones will not have asthma, but both my husband and I had it as children (his was chronic, mine acute), so the deck is sort of stacked against them.

    Still, Katie shows no signs of it, and Caleb has only had one bout with it during a respiratory infection last year, so I’m still hoping.

    God bless your family!

  8. Laura Says:

    poor guy!
    we just went around thata couple of weeks ago.
    hope he is breathing easier soon.

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