Round Robin Challenge: Nostalgia

This is a picture of me and my grandmother. I’m not sure how old I was; I think maybe about 18 months or so. I find myself looking at her old pictures more often lately, especially with all that has been going on with her health. I look at these pictures and I can remember every vacation all the grandkids took with her and my grandpa. There were 6 of us and just the two of them, every summer. No parents. I have no idea how they did it. I have difficulty with my two kids. I can’t imagine trying to keep 6 kids under control!
I know she won’t be here much longer. Maybe a year; maybe not. Thank God for all of the old photographs that I have. To look at all of them would take hours. Maybe one afternoon I will take the time to go through them all, but for now I will keep this one out so I can look and smile…and remember my grandmother.
More info on The Round Robin Challenge can be found here.

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11 Responses to “Round Robin Challenge: Nostalgia”

  1. Steven Says:

    Great entry. I find myself looking through the old family photos often enough. The old I get the more precious those photos become. Sorry your Grandmother is not doing well.

  2. Nadiah Alwi Says:

    My Grandma’s health is also in a bad condition and it makes me so sad.

    Sometimes, I take a look at her pics, our pics, but it just hurts me so much.

    I want her to always be here with us but seeing her in pain…oh…I just hope God’s willing to give her back her health.

    Just to let you know that I’ve been living with her all these years, since I was born.

    And your pic is so beautiful that it inspires me. Thanks, Chris.

  3. Karen Funk Blocher Says:

    Thanks for showing us your grandmother as she was then. I really like this picture, and it’s great having a face to go with your entries about her. Hang in there.

  4. tess Says:

    What a beautiful smile! Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. julie Says:

    It’s great that you have such wonderful memories of your grandmother.

  6. Chelle Y. Says:

    I love the name of your blog! Haha!

  7. Suzanne R Says:

    A very touching entry and wonderful picture — thank you for posting it.

  8. gina Says:

    what wonderful memories! beautiful nostalgic entry.

  9. TropicRedbird Says:

    Great entry … continue loving every moment given to you with your grandmother!

  10. boliyou Says:

    Touching entry about your grandmother.

  11. DEREK Says:

    YOu know I love this one. These are my favorite kinds of pictures. I love how you blurred parts of it. Beautiful.

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