Out of the Mouth of Babes

Even though Austin is only 10, he says the most amazingly deep things sometimes. Many have said he has an ‘old soul’ and I tend to agree with them. He’s always talked to me about everything and anything. There has been nothing he’s been afraid or embarrassed to talk to me about and I’m so glad. We’ve always had these talks after I would pick him up from school. We would come home and he would sit down and do his homework and we would talk. We always had atleast an hour together, just him and me, before we would have to get his brother from school. Now, they get out of school at the same time so we haven’t had our ‘alone’ time together. I have really missed it and tonight, after his brother fell asleep quite early and with his dad out for the evening, it was just him and me.

For the first time in weeks we just sat and talked. We talked about life and love and family. He was so moved by what we talked about, he teared up. He gave me a great big bear hug and told me he had missed our talks. I promised him I would make ‘alone’ time for us atleast once a week so we could have our talks. Every time we have these talks, I try so hard to memorize them and catalog them somewhere in the back of my mind so I can pull them out anytime I want and remember all the wonderful things he has said. Tonight was one of those talks that I want to hold onto forever.

A couple of weeks ago, my boys decided they wanted a blog of their own. They wanted to be able to blog about anything they wanted and I thought it was a great idea. So we sat down at the computer and got one together for them and tonight I am so glad they did it. After our talk, Austin said he wanted to blog about what we talked about because of how moved he was by it. And that, he did. He said he didn’t care if any of my friends read it because he thought it was important and maybe what he had to say may just be important to someone some day. So ladies and gentlemen, I invite you to visit the boy’s blog. There’s only a couple of posts since it’s so new, but I think it’s worth visiting. Sure, I’m biased. But who knows? Maybe what he has to say is important after all.

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10 Responses to “Out of the Mouth of Babes”

  1. OldOldLady Of The Hills Says:

    You must be bursting with pride and your heart has to be just about as full as it can be! Your boys are really fantastic! I think it’s great that they now have a blog!
    I visited them and commented on each of their posts!
    Marveleous Marvelous, Chris!

  2. Liz Says:

    What an amazing young man you have, Chris! Children are most often a reflection of how their parents have raised them. Pat yourself on the back…

  3. J. Says:

    Keep talking. It’s sooo important!

    And now I’m on my way over to visit. Better not get me teary-eyed or anything.


  4. J. Says:

    Awwwww … they’re beautiful chicklet!!!!

    One possible suggestion … I wanted to leave a comment, but didn’t really want to leave my blog addy since I cuss like a truck driver on it.

    Maybe open it up to non-blogger comments, but moderated? I dunno.

    I loved his post. What a thoughtful, intelligent, loving little guy. No wonder you’re so proud!

  5. jeni Says:

    ok, so its official ONCE AGAIN. i miss you guys.


    What everyone has to say is important. 🙂

    Visiting from Wendy’s blog. I think blogs make a wonderful keepsake.

  7. Mr. Fabulous Says:

    Wow…he sounds like a special little guy. I am sure they both are.

    Hmm…when I was 10…I think my life revolved around…well, something stupid, I’m sure. And he’s blogging.

    Not bad LOL

    I’m visiting here from Wendy 😉

  8. "D" Says:

    Chris – what lovely boys you have. Austin is such a special soul! What a treasure you have, and I’m sure you are just the right mommy for him too! I read their blog, but didn’t comment at first. However, I’m dedicating this week to delurking so I’m heading over now to say hi to your boys… have a good week!

  9. J. Says:

    I fixed the player. I think.

  10. OldOldLady Of The Hills Says:

    Hi My Dear…
    I haven’t seen the James Woods show yet…glad to hear it is GOOD! I find it amazing that NBC is doing this –watch-the-show-on your-computer…deal. I watched that “Twenty Good Years” that way…it was okay….I look forward to seeing “30 Rock”…and thanks for the Heads Up!

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