Don’t Mess With These Cowboys

Today was my husband’s “Employee Appreciation Day” at Knott’s Berry Farm. It was crowded and way too hot and after about 4 hours they boys were tired and cranky and wanted to go home. As we started to make our way out of the park, we passed the Old Time Photography Studio they have there. Everytme we’ve come here, I’ve always wanted the boys to have their picture taken there but I never bothered asking because I knew there was no way they would want to stand in line with lots of other people waiting to have their photos taken when they could be on some rollercoaster ride. Today though, as we started to go by it, Austin wanted to go in and see what they did. Once he saw the cowboy costumes, he excitedly asked me if he and Owen could do this. Of course I said yes. I’ve been wanting to do this forever!
They absolutely loved the costumes and are already wanting to dress this way for Halloween next year. They were so excited to see the pictures once they were done. They actually said this was the best part of their day. Mine too, because I’ll take pictures over a roller coaster anytime!

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