Bring on that Holiday Cheer…

Need a Snow Day?

Well, it’s official: the Christmas Season is now here. My Christmas lists are made and ready to go. Not that I am. I’m still trying to get the energy to move after my Thanksgiving meal. Right now, the kids are all bundled up in their jammies on the couch watching the “Santa Claus” movie, the first of the three “Santa Claus” movies with Tim Allen and my husband is perusing the sale ads for laptops because I’ve been asking for one all year long. I, on the other hand, am drinking a cup of tea and enjoying a free moment to post on my blog which lately isn’t occuring as much as I’d like. So before I get a chance to post again, be sure to visit this cool snowflake website or click on the link above. Every snowflake that is made, the Salvation Army makes a donation. You get to design your own snowflake and add it hundreds of other ones. When you run your mouse over a falling snowflake, it will show you the snowflake that was made, who the person is that made it and where they’re located. It’s really fun for both kids and adults alike. So go make a snowflake and I’ll post again soon. I hope.

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