WHEN will it feel like Christmas??

You know, I’m really tired of “warm, bone dry, peel your skin off” windy days. That would be courtesy of those Santa Ana winds that we get every year. Humidty?? Zero percent. Sure, the sky is so clear you could see for miles but it is wreaking havoc with everything else, including not one, but both boys now. Austin has always had very mild case of asthma for the past couple of years but now with all the particulate in the air from the recent brush fires and the ‘bone-dry’ windy air, he’s now developed a not-so-mild case of asthma. My lips look like someone has taken sand paper to them they’re so raw. One smile and they start to bleed.

It’s not easy to get in the Christmas mood with this weather. I refuse to go buy a Christmas tree until the weather gets cool enough to wear pants instead of shorts and maybe even a long sleeved shirt. Besides, if this dry air is wreaking havoc with us, imagine how good those trees must be right now? Uh, no thanks. There is a prediction of a slight chance of rain on Saturday. What that really means is that we’ll just get a heavy mist, enough to mix with the dust from the wind and fires to make a nice coating of mud on my truck. Oh well, such is life in Southern California. Now, if I can just remember what it is I like about this place….

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