Thirteen Things
about me

1. I’m sick. Of course it happens right now in the midst of the holiday chaos. Lovely.

2. Two words: Nyquil sucks.

3. I still have no Christmas Tree.

4. How I feel and the weather will determine if I get one this weekend.

5. My husband will find out today what he got me for Christmas.

6. A new camera lens.

7. A “gently used” Dooney & Bourke handbag.

8. Three words: I love eBay (love = obssession)

9. When my husband sees how much he spent on my presents, he’ll love eBay, too.

10. On Friday, my 5th grader will be doing a chicken dissection in his class. I didn’t do any of that stuff until high school!

11. They asked for volunteers to assist. I volunteered my husband.

12. I’ll let him know about that as well as the Christmas gifts he got me when he gets home tonight.

13. Won’t he be surprised!

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