Thirteen Things
goin’ on…

1. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

2. I’m not referring to the Christmas song.


4. Hubby and I have been having a lot of alone time together this week(See last TT ).

5. We have gotten into this nice little morning routine of not turning on the television and sharing coffee and conversation….and some other things, too.

6. I’m actually going to miss him once he goes back to work next week. Who knew?!

7. The weather and I are not friends right now.

8. The boys want to go play in the snow this weekend. Yeah, along with 50 million other people who will have the same idea.

9. Last year we tried that. There was actually a traffic jam going up the mountain.

10. What should have took an hour and a half ended up taking 3 hours.

11. When we got there, the snow play area was beyond full and they were turning people away. Nope. We won’t be doing that again!

12. Today is my last ‘alone’ day with hubby(he’s going to see his brother tomorrow).

13. He’s still in bed, so what the heck am I still doing here with you guys?! I’m outta’ here!

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