It’s Just Not Right (or, Hello Global Warming!)

Last time I checked, I lived in Southern California. The heaviest cold weather gear I have is a denim jacket. I do not own a pair of gloves, scarf or earmuffs. The boys’ heaviest jacket is their sweat jackets. My husband doesn’t even wear a jacket. For the first time ever in my life, I am postponing our trip to Disneyland scheduled for Friday due to the cold weather.

I know, I know. Those of you who live with this kind of weather regularly are probably shaking your head right now and saying to yourself that I have no clue what cold weather is (uh, that would be my girlfriend in Alaska, right Alison?!) Well, you’re right. On Monday we were wearing shorts and running our central air. It was 86 degrees. By Friday that will be a 33 degree difference in temperature.

On top of all this, let’s add in the lovely ‘Santa Ana’ winds that are going to be fueling this cold weather. We know what happens when the Santa Ana’s hit (can everyone say Malibu?). The boys’ lips look like they’ve had some seriously botched collagen injections in their lips because they are so chapped and swollen. The principal at the kids’ school sent home a letter stating that they will have all kids go to the auditorium in the mornings to wait for class to start where they will have the heater going. There are no indoor hallways at our schools here, so the kids always wait outside for the bell to ring before going to their classes, and thank goodness. My kids get to school about 10 minutes before their classes begin and I definitely do not want them waiting outside when the temperature will only be in the 30s.

You cannot tell me this does not have anything to do with Global Warming. When we’re getting 72 degree temps in New York in January and freezing temps in Southern California, something’s definitely not quite right. This is such a political hot topic and no one (read Bush) wants to discuss it. We’re killing our own beautiful planet and I worry what it will be like when my kids are my age. It’s a scary thought. If you’ve seen ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t seen it, then you need to. Hopefully, this country will do something before it’s too late, for my kids sake and yours.

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