Random Musings of an (Almost) 7 Year Old

Sometimes I just cannot believe the things that come out of my children’s mouth. If I wrote down everything they said, I could write a book! Amazing what they can come up with. Yesterday after school, Owen was really cranky and did not want to do his homework.

“Why so cranky?”, I asked.
“Because the hungry tummy monster makes me this way if he does not have food”, he said, sounding exasperated that I did not know this.
“Really. That’s news to me”, I stated, giving him my best “this better be good” look.
“Yes, really. And if he does not get food soon, whatever happens is not going to be my fault”, he said quite firmly.
“Well then, you’d better go feed him before he does something drastic”, I responded.

It must have been true because after he had his gummy fruits and a banana, he then informed me he would be able to do his homework because the hungry tummy monster had gone to sleep. I’ll be sure to have many offerings ready should the hungry tummy monster decide to rear his ugly head again. Another day saved…. 😉

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