Best Shot Monday

Yesterday I attended the birthday party of a neighbor’s son who turned 4 and was I ever excited! It’s been since Christmas that I’ve had any good camera time. I was definitely looking forward to this party. I had hoped I would be able to get some good shots and I was not disappointed. It’s at times like this I am so glad that I have my zoom lens. Everyone was so busy they never even noticed that I was taking their picture. I just tucked myself into a corner and shot away. I have no idea what this little girl’s Godmother was saying to her but whatever it was, I’m so glad to have caught the moment. It’s a keeper.

There was also a 3 month old baby boy in attendance and I cannot pass up taking baby pictures. Ever. (With the parents permission and a promise of photos, of course. I’ve never had a mom say no to the chance of baby pics!).
I have a real thing for baby body parts. In this picture the baby’s ‘big’ (7 yr. old) sister was holding him in her lap. The whole time he sat there he had a hold of her finger. It really was the sweetest thing and I snagged that shot while I could. (You can see more photos from that day here). Definitely, another keeper. I think mom will be pleased. Enjoy!
If you’d like to participate in Best Shot Monday, head over to Tracey’s to learn more about it.

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