So Much To Do, Not Enough Time

When it comes to travel, I am extremely organized and have always had everything packed and ready to go at least 2-3 days before we’re to leave. My husband is always amazed at how I can manage to pack a family of four into only two pieces of luggage whenever we go away. I’m very efficient when it comes to packing and utilize my luggage space quite well.
Why is it then, that my organizational skills have seemed to disappear as I attempt to get ready for my trip to New York? I haven’t even gotten my luggage out of the garage yet and have yet to go through wardrobe choices, either. This is very unlike me. Not ever being to New York before, I’m not sure what to pack. Right now, it appears that it will be raining the whole time I’m there (of course it will. Sheesh).
I have gone away without my husband and kids before when I’ve gone on girl’s trips to Palm Springs or Las Vegas. Never was I nervous or worried about leaving them. However, I’ve never been clear across the country before and a five hour plane ride away. I’m nervous about this. Maybe it’s because on my other trips I was either a 1 hour drive or 1 hour flight away. New York is a different story.
I’m also not getting the best reaction to my leaving and I think that is contributing to my ambivalence. My kids have made it clear that they are not happy about my going to New York without them when I know how much they’ve dreamed about going there, too. Surprisingly, even my husband is sending out subtle hints that he doesn’t want me to go which surprises me the most. The other day he brought up the fact that I’ve been wanting a laptop and the money I’m taking wth me on my trip would buy one. He said if I didn’t go, I could finally get that new computer. “It’s just a thought”, he said. The other night at the dinner table I told the boys that they would still be going to see the new Shrek movie with their dad while I was gone. He then threw out, “Only if we have money for it”. Even my mom is giving her two cents. When the first planned trip had been canceled, she said, “I can’t say I’m disappointed. I didn’t want you that far away from me in case I needed you”. I was so irritated at my husband trying to bribe me to stay home with a new laptop and told him so. They are all taking the fun out of it for me and I told them all that I would no longer speak of my trip and they will see me when I get back.
C’mon people!
Anyway, here’s a little more info that I found out about Ellen’s “Show on a plan” that was printed Friday in an Atlanta paper:
Humorist Ellen DeGeneres plans to take her whole talk show aloft inside one of Delta Air Lines’ jets. Delta will provide a chartered 767 next week for a taping of the Ellen Degeneres Show during a flight between Los Angeles and New York. Some coach seats will be removed to clear a stage, while the rest will accommodate the audience. First-class will become the guests’ waiting room.
Delta spokesman Kent Landers said the airline hopes to showcase its new post-bankruptcy logo and upgraded products such as new interiors and in-flight entertainment systems.
“This is an example of how the new Delta does things differently,” Landers said. The taping is expected to happen next Friday, with the episode airing about a week later.
The idea has its roots in ties between Delta, American Express and DeGeneres. American Express offers a Delta-branded credit card, while DeGeneres is a celebrity endorser for the credit card company. Asked about the flight’s cost, a Delta spokeswoman said it is “a joint promotion.”
Landers said he isn’t worried that DeGeneres will find plenty to joke about.
“We’re having fun with it,” he said.
I don’t care what my family says. I’m goin’ and I’m gonna’ have fun. So there!

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