I’m Happy…But Sad, Too

Yes, I will brag. That’s what mothers do! My 10 yr. old has worked so hard to overcome his ADD without taking medication to get to this point and I am extremely proud of him. When I opened this letter today, I squealed with delight. When I showed it to my son he just shrugged and said “Cool”. I told him he should be proud of himself and again he shrugged but this time I got a smile. Sigh. Boys will be boys.
However, as excited as I am by this, I’m also saddened by the fact that the musical arts are no longer offered to every child as they were when I was in school. I believe that if every child had the chance to become involved in some sort of musical arts that it could really turn things around for them. Scientific studies indicate that music participation helps train the brain for higher forms of thinking. Children perform better in other subjects by improving reading, spelling, and math skills. Experts note that a year’s musical training can increase a child’s IQ by as much as ten points! I’m not sure how it is across the country, but I know the arts program has been cut from most, if not all, public schools in California except for the kids like my son. From the American Music Conference:
“For many people from my generation to today’s generation of parents, music was a basic part of our own education. In California, this is not the case anymore,” says CMEA President Dr. Robert Klevan. “It is unfortunate that in this great state, over half a million children will not have experienced the joys of learning and sharing music in public school classrooms. It is clear from the data reported in ‘The Sound of Silence’ that the years of cutting back programs, pink slipping music teachers, and eventually eliminating music teaching jobs in this state has taken its toll. Now is the time to act and move to reverse this downward trend.”
I think that a lot of children would be much better off if they had access to this program like my son does. Choosing a child to participate in a music program based on his academic skills alone is just not fair. So, I think I’ve found my new cause. My husband just shook his head and smiled when I told him this. Why? Because he knows me. When I want something bad enough, I’ll do whatever it takes to get it. Oh. And I don’t like to take ‘no’ for an answer, either.
Just ask my husband!

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