Thank God it’s Monday

I know, who thought anyone would be glad it was Monday? (Actually Tuesday now!). I certainly didn’t think I would ever be glad that it was Monday, but after such a busy, emotionally charged weekend, I needed for everyone to be at school and work today so I could just chill out.
Saturday was the memorial service for my uncle which was beautiful but hot and loooong. However, it was really great to be with my family, some of which I haven’t seen in years. One of those people was my cousin Lenn. If you haven’t seen my Tabblo yet, check it out. It gives you a glimpse into my weekend.
On father’s day, we were supposed to go to the O.C. Marketplace, but hubby decided he didn’t want to go. Fine. It was his day, so we didn’t go. However, I was bummed. I wanted to be outside since it was a gorgeous day out. We ended up staying inside until about 3:30. The kids were cranky, I was seriously (and still am) PMSing, so after insisting we get out of this cooped up house, we went to our usual place, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, for an ice-blended drink. We go there a lot and we have the best family time when we go. We always end up having the best family conversations. In my Explorer, I have a box in the back that holds a big container of markers, pencils, etc. and two blank-paged sketch books. I always bring them inside with us, even when the boys say they have no interest in them. Sure enough, though, we end up playing tic-tac-toe or we all take turns drawing and there ends up being much laughter from all of us. No matter how cranky any of us may be, this always manages to turn us around. I’ve always wished I would have taken my camera with me everytime we’ve gone, so this time I did and I’m glad. It fixed my ‘family-time’ need and my ‘camera-time’ need all at the same time!
Now that the weekend is over, I was definitely looking forward to my alone time. Thank goodness I had it because my PMS is so damn bad, I ended up going back to bed until noon after I dropped the kids off at school. I’ve never done that before and I’m glad I did because this time next week, school is out and there will be no more opportunities do it! With that thought in mind, it immediately eased my guilt over not doing laundry instead. So on that note, at this very early hour of 12:15 a.m. (which to me, is very early considering my normal bed time is 3 a.m.!), I’m actually tired enough to climb into bed and fall asleep thanks to that ever-popular PMS….or maybe it’s a combination of my age and PMS? Whatever it is, I’m outta’ here!

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