School’s Out For Summer!

This is the first official week off and we’re trying to find our groove, so-to-speak. Since Monday and Tuesday were the last official days to use our annual Passes for Disneyland before the ‘blackout’ dates set in, my husband took the two days off and we decided to spend the last two days at Disneyland and Disney’s California adventure. We went to California Adventure first and good thing, too. We talked to some people who had come over from Disneyland because they said the crowd was so bad they couldn’t even move. I figured that would happen. Every tourist from out of state comes for summer and every kid out of school was there, too. So, we stayed at California Adventure until about 7 p.m. then went to Disneyland. The crowd had thinned out a bit and we stayed to see the parade and the fireworks then went home. Needless to say, we did not go back on Tuesday!
I will be babysitting my neighbor’s two kids, a boy and girl ages, 4 and 2. They were having trouble at the sitter they were using and mom was not happy with her, so I offered to do it for the summer. The hours are 3:30 a.m. to noon. It’s no biggie. They come over, I put them to bed, they wake up around 8 and they’re gone by noon. Can’t beat that! These kids are the cutest and I’ll be getting a lot of camera time with them as my subjects. I did have an ulterior motive as well. Since I’m not working, that’s money not coming in. Running AC around here in the summer gets really expensive. There was just no way we could run it at about $350-$400 a month with me not working. Well, my babysitting money will officially be my “AC running” money so now I won’t feel so bad running it.

These kids are so cute and the little girl just loves Owen. She couldn’t wait for him to wake up and once he did, she had to sit right next to him. She’s been tailing him all morning. He doesn’t mind. Both Owen and my 10 yr. old Austin love having them around. They’re both great with little children. Since they aren’t in preschool because their parents can’t afford it (For two kids in preschool here in California it would be close to or at $1000 a month. Preschool should be free to ALL kids in this country, as far as I’m concerned), we bought preschool teaching items and the boys are all excited to be ‘teachers’. I think this will be great for them. Already this morning Owen has been using dominos to help them learn to count.

If it works out well, I may continue sitting them after the summer is over, too. It’s kind of nice having little ones around again and it’s fun having a little girl around, too! I’m used to all boys so it should be fun. She’s such a little mom and calls everyone ‘honey’. It’s too funny. As for summer vacation, so far so good. Now let’s see how tomorrow goes!


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