I Just Don’t Get It

The last week of school, the boys couldn’t wait to be out so we could jump into summer. This is where they’ve jumped to: the couch. They don’t want to go anywhere or do anything. They’d rather move straight from their beds to the couches and watch TV and play their video games. I’m the one who’s bored and begging to get out of the house! Who knew?!
I’ve told them this is the last week they will be allowed to do this. It’s the second week out of school and enough is enough. I want to go to the beach, the museums, the movies…you name it. This is my first summer home with them, ever. They always went to day camp in the summer and actually were slightly disappointed when I told them they weren’t going this year. It’s my summer too, darn it!
While they’ve been lounging around, I’ve cleaned the whole house, got rid of a bunch of things to go to the Goodwill and re-arranged my bedroom as well as added new bedding, so that’s been a good thing. This time next week, I’d better be blogging about what we did for that day. Or week.
I know it looks like night time in the picture, but to keep the cost of electricity down, I’ve got all the blinds closed to keep the heat out as it’s already at about 100 degrees right now. I keep the AC off as long as possible before having to turn it on. That’s another reason I want to go out: I will not run the AC when no one is home which saves tons on my electric bill. I’m doing my best to not have a $400 electric bill like I did last summer! Have a nice summer day everyone!


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