I’m in the Mood…

To bake, that is. I’ve always have been an avid baker and usually bake something everyday. I’ve been baking since about the age of 13 and haven’t stopped. I would say 90% of what I bake is from scratch. The other 10% is semi-homemade and that’s only if I have to come up with something at the last minute. It’s also one of the most cathartic things to do and I posted about it at length here awhile back.
Since the kids have been out of school we’ve been spending about 3-4 days a week at the library. I just love our library. It’s huge! I decided to peruse the cookbook section and came across the above book, “No Need To Knead”. I’ve never had luck making yeast breads and the title entrigued me. I checked it out, brought it home and tried a baguette recipe. I was scared, but like it says, there’s no kneading involved. Let me just say, WOW! I did it, it worked and it was yummy! This book is so awesome so I decided I wanted to purchase it. That is, until I saw the price. The book is no longer in print and the price for this book is $49.95-$99, new and no less than $30 used! I’ve checked this book out 4 times now and will just keep doing so until I’ve tried every recipe. I even emailed the the author to tell her how happy I am with the book. What can I say? I’m hooked!

I also checked out the above book, “One-Pot Cakes” and there are some seriously scrumptious recipes in there. They are super easy and quick. Tonight I’m making “Lotsa Lemon Cake” becuase I just love anything lemon and I also have some Meyer lemons to use which are the best flavored lemons for baking. Last week I made a Chocolate Chip Tea Cake which was to die for. Now before you go thinking that I have a huge sweet tooth and I am seriously chowing down those calories, believe it or not, I’m not a chocolate fan and I don’t crave sweets that often. I get more pleasure out of baking them than eating them. Really! I will always try a little of whatever it is I’ve made and after my kids and husband have some, the rest is given to my mom and grandma and neighbors. Well, only if it wasn’t all consumed by my immediate family first! Here it is, 90 degree+ temps and the humidity level is unbelieveable and I’m in the mood to bake. I don’t bake bread with this humidity but everything else is okay. Thank goodness for AC. It’s been cranked way up since the oven has been on. I have no doubt that once I see my electric bill, my baking time will go way down. In the meantime, I’m off to bake!


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