Oh, To Have Fresh Air Again

As I’m sure most of you know, Southern California is burning. Again. It’s definitely nothing new here, but this is the worst in this state’s history. The picture above was taken at 3:30 p.m. The photo is untouched. The only difference is that the actual color of the sun was more of a blood red than it shows in the picture. I’m not in harms way of any fire, however, in any given direction I’m no more than 25-30 miles from a fire. And because the winds are blowing in from the north as the Santa Ana winds do, we’re getting all of the fall out. The past two days have had an eery, orange glow to them because of all of the smoke and ash. Everything smells like smoke, even our clothes and hair. And as is the norm with these conditions is the heat. It was 97 degrees today with 3% humidity. I had to dig out some summer clothes to wear as well. And to add insult to injury, Owen has been suffering from all of this. Asthma and smoke are not friends. They’re keeping the kids inside at school, but it doesn’t matter. Once it hits Owen, that’s it. So I’ve kept him home in an air conditioned house and the school has sent his homework home for him. If we have to go out, he wears a mask. My goal is to keep him out of the hospital no matter what. Even when the fires are done and gone, the particulate stays in the air and atmosphere for up to a month or longer and we’ll be dealing with asthma for the next month or so because of it.
I always feel so bad for those who have lost their homes but after working for the Fire Dept. for so long and during the fires of ’93 and 2003, I am never suprised. Southern California will never be without brush fires.


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