Wow! Could It Really Be True??

Well, if it is true, this will be a great way to start of the new year. L.A. hasn’t had any decent rain amounts in about 3 years and like many other places in this country, we need it. My plan is to stay indoors, watch movies and bake. As in my last post, everyone else in this household is fine with that. Hubby and boys have no plans of functioning. As much as I’m ready for everyone to go back to work and school, I’m glad this rain is supposed to happen while everyone’s home on winter break. The rain is supposed to last through Monday and the boys don’t go back to school until Tuesday. There is nothing worse than having to get up early and get the boys to two seperate schools while it’s raining and dealing with school traffic, so I guess I can live with them another week. Happy New Year all!

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