It’s a "Me and Lucy" Day

Today I’m spending the day with my grandma, Lucy, while my mom spends the day with her friend visiting from out of town. My grandma lives with my mom who takes care of her and because my grandma can’t be alone, I’m here to keep her company and watch over her. This makes my grandma mad. She has always been a fiercely independent woman, but she’s almost completely blind and deaf and has difficulty walking so it’s not safe for her to be alone. She insists she can take care of herself, but I know she can’t and so does she. She just doesn’t want to admit it. Can you blame her? She 88 years old and only stopped working full time 8 years ago. I’m glad to be able to help out. I wish I could do more for her but because of my own family obligations, I can’t do a lot.
A lot of elderly people tend to become child like in some ways as they get older and my grandma is no exception. She is currently not talking to me (hence the picture above which, coincidentally, I told her I was going to post it to show everybody just how cranky she looks and she said to go ahead and tell everyone how mad she is!) because she says she doesn’t need a ‘babysitter’ and I should go home. And like a parent would do with their child, I ignore her anger and validate her feelings. She’s certainly entitled to feel the way she does. I think a lot of elderly people in her situation feel the same way. My grandma says she hates that her body has betrayed her while her mind is as strong as ever and though I couldn’t even begin to know how that must feel, I most certainly feel for her and hate to see her like this.
She won’t be mad at me all day. She’ll get bossy and demand things but she’s earned it and I’ll do whatever she wants. I made her her favorite coffee cake which she said she didn’ want however, when I sat it down for her, she ate every bite. I know that as much as she says she doesn’t want me to be here, she’s glad I am. All my life she has been there for me. I’m grateful that I can be here for her. As I do whenever she gets miffed, I’ll call her by her name. She acts like it bothers her when she heres me call out “Lucy”, but I can see her try not to smile, too. Of course, that hasn’t happened yet, but the day is still young. She’ll be putty in my hands by the time the day is over and I’ll be on Lucy’s good side once again.

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