What a Ride!

The past 8 weeks has been a whirlwind of a ride for me, hence my lack of posts lately. All of it was unexpected but a joy to be on. You know how one thing can lead to another, then another and still another? Some people call it luck or fate. I, myself, believe everything happens for a reason and accept all that comes my way. Let me tell you, what a ride this has been!
Many of you know of my love of ‘all things photography’. I am never, quite literally, without my camera. Since I’m no longer working I have quite a bit of times on my hands, especially when the kids are at school. Because of this I haven’t exactly been getting a lot of camera time. And trust me, being a camera junky, if I don’t get my fix, I start going through some serious withdrawals. Thankfully at the beginning of February my son had a school play and I made sure to get there an hour early so I would get a front row seat. Yes, to see my son upclose, but really, I needed that front row seat to take pictures! So take pictures I did and I felt invigorated. Really, you have no idea. The kids were so darned cute, I sent pictures to the parents and to my son’s teacher as well. I thought she would like having pictures of her students who were in the play. This is where the ride begins!
A week later my son was having his class Valentine’s Day party so again, I attended and took pictures. Taking pictures of kids is my absolute most favorite thing to do, especially when they are not stiffly posed or they are unaware of their picture being taken. They were so into their party, most had no idea I was even taking pictures. I again sent them to the teacher. From there, that led to being asked to take pictures at the rehearsals of the next school play involving the complete student body (which of course, I jumped at!) which led to more school functions , then to the school “Fun Run” fundraiser to being the PTA historian for next year which does all the photography at all school events. To say I’ve been busy is putting it mildly and I’ve loved every single minute of it, too!
All of these past weeks led to a photo shoot I did last week of the two boys of my son’s previous teacher. Oh, what a joy! And what a fix for me, too! Those boys were the cutest things ever and I took over 150 pictures, but out of all of them, this is my absolute most favorite. It also happens to be the mom’s favorite too, and she couldn’t be happier. Because of this, she’s referring me to her friends as well. How cool is that?! This ride is obviously not over yet and that’s just fine with me because I, my friends, am having a blast and expect to for quite awhile.
Have a good weekend everyone!

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