He Knows Me So Well

Conversation I overheard between my husband and 12 yr. old son after my hormone-raging, alter-ego terrorized the house because someone ate the last brownie that should have been mine:


S: I hate it when mom is on her period.

H: Well, she does get cranky.

S: Cranky?!  Dad, she’s evil and cannot be defeated.

H: Agreed.  But remember, you said it, not me.


2 Responses to “He Knows Me So Well”

  1. OldOldLady Of The Hills Says:

    LOL, LOL, LOL….I LOVE this! Kids! “They say the darndest things”….! And I love your husbands retort….lol! You gotta laugh, don’t you?
    Though I must say, I understand about that last Brownie!

  2. Tamara Says:

    My son is only 14-months old but already I have seen him and his dad share a “knowing” look during my time of the month. I can only imagine similair conversations happening in the future. But honestly, they should learn to always leave the last brownie/cookie/scoop of icecream for mama just in case, haha.

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