That’s the total amount billed to us by 2 hospitals, a ground ambulance and an air ambulance plus 48 hrs. of a hospital stay for my son in July.  All the bills plus paperwork from the insurance company all arrived in my mailbox on the same day. What’s the chance of that?  It’s like they all got together and said, “Wanna’ freak her out?!”.  Well, they did. 

The air ambulance bill stated that my insurance company had not responded to their claim and please contact them immediately to find out why.  Really.  It looked just like that, italics and all.  The next bill is from the first hospital my son was taken to and it shows I owe close to $3,000.00 (out of almost 18 grand!).  Paperwork I received from my insurance company states that I am responsible for $4,170 of the $22,000.00 that was billed by the 2nd hospital my son was air-lifted to.  Sure, that’s a lot smaller amount than the whole 63 thousand plus dollars, but I don’t have an extra $7,100.00 lying around either!  Panic mode most definitely set in.  My panic was short lived, though.  Heart pounding, I called my insurance company.  When the representative got on the phone, I know I sounded like a mad woman.  After listening to my panicked rant, I could hear her typing away on her computer, (probably adding a warning to my file for the next rep who may ever have to deal with me!).  She then began responding to my hysteria queries and ticked them off, one by one:

  • Air ambulance?  We just sent them a check for the full amount on August 26th (Thank God!  That was almost $25 grand!)
  • The bill for close to $3000 was an error, you have a zero balance for hospital #1.
  • The amount of $4170.00 wasn’t paid only because hospital #2 put in an incorrect procedure code; they’ve corrected it and it’s been paid if full.  You owe nothing to anyone.

I didn’t realize I had been holding my breath until I let out a huge sigh of relief.  It’s at times like this that I am very thankful for my husband staying with his job for the past 23 years instead of quitting and moving out of California like I had begged him to do in the past because of how expensive it is to live in this state!  He’ll never hear me ask to move to Oregon, Washington, Idaho or Arizona again.  Atleast not until he retires, anyway!


5 Responses to “$63,473.57”

  1. jfrancis Says:

    “Everyday Heartbeats”
    don’t come
    by U.S. Mail.

  2. jeroldssis Says:

    LOL! That is very true!

  3. kindnessgirl Says:

    oh dear! I can hardly even begin to think about insurance companies without feeling totally stressed and frazzled….Good luck!

  4. david Says:

    wow, praise God for good insurance
    ( where do I get some???)


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