Time to Whine

I’m busy.  Busy, busy, busy.  I knew I would be and I always am when the kids go back to school, but this year I’m not adjust as quickly as I usually do.  I miss my kids while they’re at school.  I miss summer break.  I miss the heat because this week we’ve had nothing but overcast, cool days which we being in California is what we get whenever there’s a hurricane in the gulf.  No rain.  No wind.  Just yucky, overcast days.  Trust me when I say I hate overcast days.  I see no point in them.  If there’s cloudy days then let’s make use of those clouds and get some rain out of them.  Otherwise, go away.   I want as much sunshine and warm days as I can get out of what’s left of the summer season.  I wouldn’t mind the fall season but being in Southern California, we don’t have real seasons.  Our fall season usually has the Santa Ana winds and it’s also known as the beginning of Fire Season as well.  Well, used to be the beginning.  With all the fires we’ve had in the past year at all times of the year, Fire Season is now year round.  And to add insult to injury, there’s that horrible time change.  I’ve been trying to mentally prepare myself for it for about a month now.  I HATE it.  Really.  We are not friends, that time change and me.  Never have been.  It’s been getting dark by 7:15 and is getting darker earlier and earlier everyday.  When we change the time, it will be dark by 4:30.  Oh no, I am not ready for it.  I love long days filled with hours of daylight.  It bothers me so much that my husband, exasperated for hearing this for the millionth time,  told me that I need to get light therapy for SAD, seasonal affective disorder.  Therapy consists of sitting in front of a special light box once a day for a specified amount of time. Then of course, in true husband fashion, he said he would rig something up where I could wear a lightbulb around my neck that would run on batteries and I could wear it all time and life would be good again.  Right.  I’m not that bad! 

Hmmm.  I wonder if he really could make something like that?  This just might work…..

This morning I saw this video on Leesa’s blog of her cat.  Oh my, I laughed til’ I almost peed.  It was a great way to start my day!  Now I’m off to research lightbulbs that run on batteries.  Really.


One Response to “Time to Whine”

  1. david Says:

    praying that you get all the LIGHT you need, and stay happy, stay UP
    ( more treehouse pics posted)

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