I’m a Rising Blogger…And My Man Says So.


I received a comment telling me that I received the “Post of the Day” Award from the Rising Blogger.  You have to be nominated by someone to be considered for this award.  Know who nominated me?  My hubby, that’s who.  How sweet is that?  He nominated my post about our day in hell.  It was a post that was hard to write but in doing so, it helped me considerably.  I needed to talk about it, to say outloud what had happened that day.  My husband?  Not so much.  The few times we have talked about it, he became very emotional and then stopped the conversation.  “I can’t go there again”, he said.  We’re different that way.  I needed to purge it; he buried it.  I’ve been married to this man for almost 18 years now.  He’ll unbury it eventually and then he’ll talk and that’s okay. I’ve got nothing but time to listen when he does.  So thank you Husband, from the bottom of my big ‘ol heart!

Once you’ve receive an Award, the idea is to pay it forward and nominate another blogger of your choice, so I glady nominat Jen Lemen.  Her stories of her travels to Rwanda to visit and stay with the children and the mother of Odette, a woman who is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside and came to this country to try to do more for her family back home in Rwanda.  Jen’s also an artist and a contributing “sister” and photographer over at Shutter Sisters which is how I came to know of Jen.  If you get a chance, visit Jen’s blog and let yourself be just as moved as I was (and am!).  You will not be disappointed.


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