Meet My New Friend

And he’s hanging around my front door…

This is how I know I’m a true photographer: instead of letting out my shrill, girly scream a shriek when I nearly walked right into the web and it’s inhabitant this morning when taking the boys to school, I bulldozed moved the boys aside and ran wildly headed back into the house to grab my camera.  Only when I had taken a bunch of shots and realized just how close I got to this GIANT, RIDE-ON-IT’S-BACK sized spider did I let out a shirll, girly scream shriek.  Holy guacamole Batman, what the heck was I thinkin’?!  Oh ya.  I’m a photographer.  I don’t think anymore.  I take pictures instead.

 I may not like spiders but my husband is a hard-core arachnophobic so, being the loving wife that I am I enlarged the picture (you know, so he can see all the details and all) and emailed it to him so he could see who moved in with us.  I know, not nice and he made sure I knew that when he called me thirty seconds after I emailed it to him.  Oh, and he’s the one who lets out the shrill, girly scream.  Seriously.  If he would have been home and saw that spider close up like me, he would have been back in the house and on top of our couch faster than anyone I know screaming just like this guy, I kid you not.  Darn.  I should have planned better and introduced our new visitor to my husband when he got home because then I could have video taped my husband’s shrill, girly scream and uploaded it onto youtube where Ellen DeGeneres would see it and she would think it was so funny that she would have to air it on her show where she then would call us and give us free tickets to her show and all.  Oh well, <insert evil grin> I’ll plan better next time.


2 Responses to “Meet My New Friend”

  1. jfrancis Says:

    Fly catcher
    silk merchant
    nocternal webmaster

  2. Jamie Says:

    hi, i’m jamie, and according to neilochka, you are supposed to interview me for the great interview event…and i just want to say, yeah, i’d do that to my husband too…he’s not afraid of spiders or anything like that, but i’m constantly thinking up new and fun ways to terrorize him…hehe…oh, and my email is (i don’t know if you can see it or not)

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