A Festive Best Shot Monday


I took a whopping 300+ photos at the school Halloween costume parade last week and this was a shot I couldn’t pass up.  This is the new principal who was perfectly dressed as Luigi from Ratatouille, all the way down to the mouse.  As he stood amongst the students with all their great costumes, one little girl demanded his attention and he gladly accomodated her. It also happens to be his daughter.  She wanted to see that mouse so he got down to her level and happily shared it with her, probably for the hundreth time.  Not only is he a great principal but a great daddy, too.  Have a great Monday everyone.



6 Responses to “A Festive Best Shot Monday”

  1. Shelagh ~ Une Petite Etoile Says:

    Awwwwhhh………so sweet.

    Hasspy BSM!

  2. Shelagh ~ Une Petite Etoile Says:

    Awwwwhhh………so sweet.

    Happy BSM!

  3. killlashandra Says:

    Very sweet! I love those school costume parades. What a great place to take a lot of wonderful pictures. 🙂

  4. Joanna Says:

    Such a sweet shot. Its so easy to take hundreds of pictures. Sometimes by the end I surprise myself at how many photos I have taken at one time.

  5. tracey Says:

    that is precious. i love that she’s a mouse looking at the rat. : )

  6. golightly Says:

    what a sweet picture of them.

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