View From My Front Porch


This was taken at 12:45 this afternoon by my husband from our front porch.  The fire is about 4 miles east of us.  I kept my youngest son home from school last week due to his asthma/chronic lung disease.  There’s no way he’s going outside today.  There are great things about living in California and there are also some not-so-great things about living in California.  My top 2 on the list of not-so-great things are traffic and fires, especially having a kid with respiratory problems.  Right now it looks like it’s snowing outside.  Right now we’ll stay inside, thank you very much.  L.A. and Orange counties are burning right now, so let’s all say a prayer for all those involved, from the threatened homeowners to all the emergency personnel because they need all the help and strength then can get.


One Response to “View From My Front Porch”

  1. Leesa Says:

    Wow, awesome shot.

    I hate that wildfire fear. We get them here although I’ve never had one too close.

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