Thankful for Lucy


 I got to spend time with Lucy on this Thanksgiving day and it was bittersweet.  My grandma has always been a very strong, stoic woman and that’s how I always think of her and how I see her in my mind’s eye but now at 88 yrs. of age, she’s so much more fragile and child-like.  She can’t see much anymore except for shadows and as we walked into the house I saw her looking in our direction, trying so hard to see if she could tell who it was, her happiness at our arrival written all over her face.  Her hugs were tighter than usual, her kisses generous but her eyes welled with unshed tears and she grew quiet.  She misses us so much. 

Sitting at the dining table after dinner, my mom and uncle started reminiscing about something they did as children and my grandma suddenly perked right up.  She said they were all wrong and then gave us her version of the story, telling us the part that my mom and uncle had apparently forgotten about.  One story led to more stories and as I sat there listening, I picked up my camera and took picture after picture.  At that moment, I knew this was a Thanksgiving never to be forgotten and for that, I am so very thankful and Loving Lucy more than ever.


11 Responses to “Thankful for Lucy”

  1. jfrancis Says:

    The graying days
    pursue without pity
    and each year
    emboldens the end___
    for the times teach us
    tomorrow is a friend
    we long to see.

  2. Karen Cage Says:

    How lucky you are to still have a Grandma. Thanks for sharing yours with us. 🙂

  3. MelodyA. Says:

    What a great gift she gave you that day (and you her.)

  4. susiej Says:

    I love Lucy’s sharp mind. She’ll always remember the gift of remembering you gave her.

  5. megan Says:

    lovely photos.

  6. Jen Says:

    Beautiful post and photos.

  7. Joanna Says:

    Great storyboard and a touching post to go with it.

  8. Kim Says:

    What a beautiful post!!!

  9. HappyHourMom Says:

    You are truly celebrating what is most important during the holidays.
    Those pictures will always be special for you!

  10. Helen Says:

    That was nice that you go to visit with her. Great group of pictures. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Hugs, Helen

  11. bridge Says:

    gosh, you make me think of my grandparents (3 of them) 2000 miles away, maybe I will blog about one of them.

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