Not Enough Hours in My Day.

img_3320Wouldn’t it be great to have, say, 30 hours in a day?  I tell myself that if I had that many hours in a day I could get so much more done, but I seriously doubt it.  There will never be enough hours in a day.  I try to manage my time and micro-manage my agenda but something always messes it up.  I also know once the holidays pass my life will calm down again.  This week will be the busiest of all, mostly with school activites from two musical performances, a Secret Santa Shop for the elementary school kids which I will be working at, helping the 3rd graders make Gingerbread Houses and of course, the class party.  Which, of course, I was suckered talked into making 30 cupcakes for.  I’m not really complaining because I really do love doing all these things.  I just need to coordinate my time better and try not to be so grumpy about it.  Yesterday I was very cranky, but then my mail came and I received my Trust Notes from Jen Lemen.  Those made my day go much better.  How could I stay cranky after getting ahold of those little beauties?  If you haven’t gotten yours yet, do so quickly!  The money goes to a great cause.  Today, I’m off with my girlfriend to a crowded mall which is the last place I want to be, but she lured me in by dangling the fact that there’s a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf right across from the mall.  She knows my weakness.  I am going because of the coffee.  I cannot say no to that, ever.   Have a great day everyone!

(Thanks to Jen Lemen for the great little Hopefull pin that came with my Trust Notes and which I wear proudly!  She also addressed the envelope to The Wise and Wonderful Christine.  That most definitely brought a smile to my face.  Thanks Jen!)


3 Responses to “Not Enough Hours in My Day.”

  1. david, in Big Bear Lake Says:

    thanks for your visit, the tree house only moves about 3 inches in very high winds, i guess that is good. you could say the tree house rocks!
    it was 20 last night when my head hit the cold pillow, MUST have wood heat soon.

  2. tracey Says:

    i love this shot chris!! it’s one of my favorite things ever and this photo features it perfectly.

  3. bridge Says:

    wow! hang in there, I have been feeling the same worry about time and task.
    I won some Trust notes over at Shutter Sisters, cannot wait to see them.

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