Ree Drummond, You Are SO My Peeps.

Don’t know who Ree Drummond is?  Ree Drummond, of Pioneer Woman fame?  If that doesn’t ring a bell for you, then you’d better march on over to her place and familiarize yourself right now.  Seriously. Go. I’ll be here when you get back.

Ree is perfect at everything she does from her kids to her photography to her cooking to…well…just everything (which is why I stalk her on a regular basis. She is my idol. But please, don’t tell her that I stalk her because then I won’t get an invite to the Lodge and that’s my goal here people. So zip it!).

Today I wanted to pretend to be Ree Drummond.  I know, I don’t have a ranch but hey, in my little world, it was a ranch and it was mighty purdy (like the Oklahoma drawl there? I thought so).  Since I love to bake too, I decided to bake Ree’s recipe for The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever. I gathered all the ingredients together and of course, for those of you who know me well, I just had to bring my camera along.  But then, how can I photograph the process and make the cake at the same time? (Just let me say now, that even though the pictures aren’t bad, I have horrid fluorescent lighting in my kitchen, hence the weird glow to the pics). This is where hubby stepped in to help.  I know, you’re all thinking how sweet he is to help her out!  People, this is a man who is addicted to any and all chocolate.  Trust me.  He had ulterior motives. 


Isn’t it nice to see a man in the kitchen?  Makes hubby even that much cuter, even if he did have ulterior motives.  Here’s where I didn’t quite follow Ree’s recipe, probably because I was too busy watching hubby.  I added the cocoa powder and butter all at once, but I was supposed to add the cocoa powder to the melted butter.  My bad.  But hey, it all worked out in the end.


Once that was all melted and chocolately, hubby mixed it in with the flour mixture.


Then, when that was all mixed up nice and purdy-like, hubby then stirred in the buttermilk mixture,


to a nice, smooth, chocolately consistency.  After insisting he needed to taste the batter, hubby then poured it into my brand-new jelly roll pan (I know, you’re shocked I didn’t have one already).


In the oven it went and while it baked, my son decided it was the perfect time to take a picture of him and his buddy. Aren’t they handsome?  Okay. Enough about them.


While the cake was doin’ it’s thing in the oven, on to the icing we went, and people, this is most definitely icing and not frosting and oh my….is it ever heavenly!

One of the ingredients is 6 Tbsps. of milk.


I just had to show you the cutest little shot glass for measuring ever!  I know, I have this but I didn’t have a jelly roll pan. Who do you think I am? Ree Drummond?!  Sheesh. 


People, let me tell you that this icing is like eating liquid fudge.  Seriously.  I know because I drank tasted it.  I’m not a chocolate person, never have been.  But this?  Wow.  That’s all I can say.  Wow.


Once the cake was out of the oven, hubby didn’t believe me, the experienced baker, that it was done.  No, he had to go and poke it to make sure, hence that hole you see in the middle of the cake.  Hubby may be cute, but he’s still a man.  Do they ever listen to us?  Of course not.  Once the cake cooled, the icing was poured onto that great lookin’ cake.


Now tell me, isn’t that the purdiest thing you ever did see?  I know, we did good.  Okay, hubby did good, but still, I got all the ingredients together and did all the measuring.  He just used those big guns of his to mix it all up, so there.


We waited patiently for a whole 15 minutes before digging in for a taste. 


Isn’t that the yummiest, chocolately goodness thing you’ve ever seen?! (Okay, look. I don’t care if it’s not the best thing you’ve ever seen, just humor me, okay?!).  Hubby is totally lovin’ his our creation.


I bet you can just taste this, right?  Seriously, this cake is The best chocolate sheet cake everI think I would make Ree Drummond proud.  I will get to that lodge one way or the other.  Now don’t go gettin’ all ‘restraing order’ on me people, even when if I do come to you asking for references on my behalf to forward on to Ree.  Seriously.  Or you won’t get any of my cake.  So there.


4 Responses to “Ree Drummond, You Are SO My Peeps.”

  1. Jen Tucker Says:

    I want!

  2. Marie Says:


  3. J. Says:

    Great. Another site to add to my bloglines.
    and now I want chocolate too.
    Thanks. 🙂

  4. Donna V Says:

    That is so funny and so me too! The chocolate, the cake, the stalking, the wanting-to-be-someone-other-than-me…all of it! Oh, and I must say, I was glad to read that was your husband’s hand in that photo. I thought maybe you had developed a “condition” since the last time I saw you!!!

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