Love in Black & White



I love color pictures, but I’ve always had a thing for B&W photos.  I love the emotion that comes from B&W photos.   Sometimes the color in the photos can be too distracting or too much like a post card, so I’ll go for the B&W.  These pictures were taken while we spent a couple of days this week at the beach for Spring Break.  They looked great in color, but I like them even better in B&W.  Today at Shutter Sisters B&W photography is the discussion of the day.  Come visit and share your B&W photos, too.   


One Response to “Love in Black & White”

  1. Heather Says:

    These in b+w are just lovely. My eye is drawn to the dimension and geometry in the first and the symmetry/asymmetry in the second. How I miss the ocean living in this land-locked state!

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