An Evening with Amy Krouse Rosenthal


Tonight I had the great pleasure of spending the evening with Amy Krouse Rosenthal of “Beckoning of Lovely” fame.  It was such an inspiring, fantastic night.  So much goodness and love filled that room that I’m sure everyone left there feeling like they were floating a couple of feet off the ground. 

All this togetherness occured at the awesome, inspiring studio of Anne Carmack (who, by the way, has an awesome Etsy Shop selling her gorgeous artwork).  I loved her space.  It was so warm and inviting that it made me want to come home and make my own area to be creative which I think, by the way, everyone needs.  And me, being a photographer, totally loved the Polaroid shots hanging on a string (and why I wish I still had my old Polaroid camera).


 There were songs sung by Emily Wells and wow, I’m lovin’ her voice and her music.  What a treat!


 I’m really glad I attended this great, sweet evening.  Everyone there was there for the same reason: to beckon some loveliness and that…I have no doubt we did.  Thank you, Amy. I can’t wait to see where you’ll take us from here!


5 Responses to “An Evening with Amy Krouse Rosenthal”

  1. tracey Says:

    oh how wonderful!! sounds like an evening of magic. such beautiful photos chris.

  2. angela aldatz Says:

    Beautiful Pics! and such a lovely evening indeed 😉
    Thank You for sharing!

  3. Amy Jo Says:

    Very cool. Night like these are so inspiring. Great shots!

  4. jenica Says:

    so love this. wish i could have been there to hear swirly and marinate in the loveliness.

  5. melody is slurping life Says:

    in agreement with everyone, wish I had been there.

    and i LOVE the polaroids clipped on the line.

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