Random Things…and Shoes, Too!

Things are busy and hectic in my household right now.  The last 4 weeks of school seems to be busier than the whole school year combined and my days are full with kids and school and everything in between.  I am so looking forward to the last day of school because I am so ready for summer.  Here’s some random things going on with me…


1.) I just love this certificate I received from the PTA this week.  Why? Because if they think I’m hilarious (oh, and I am), then I’m making them roll their eyes laugh and if I can make them laugh and bring a smile to their face, then what’s not to love about that?  Then again, maybe I got it because of the incident involving a bagel, my thumb and 12 stitches while at school last week…but that’s another story for another time.


2.) See this beauty?  I have one!  Well, sort of.  A friend has lent it to me to play with and I’m lovin’ it!  This weekend, this lens and I are going to become really close and become BFF’s for sure!


3.) Aren’t these just the cutest flip flops ever?  They were custom made just for me.  My friend Karin, a fellow PTA mom who also happens to be the wife of the lens owner (connections, that’s what it’s all about!)  makes and sells these little cuties.


The school’s mascot is a leopard so that’s why there’s leopard print ribbon.  And the tiaras?  Well, that’s obvious why I chose those (and if you have to ask why it’s obvious then you don’t know me very well).  And how about these?  Aren’t they the cutest?!

Toes and Bows

She makes all combinations of ribbon colors and designs as well as different rhinestone jewels such as hearts and circles and more.  She can make white flip flops, too!  These are just a couple of samples and she makes them for both girls and women.  I’m going to be photographing  more of them for her and once I do, I’ll post them.  If you’re interested in purchasing a pair, they’re $18-$22.  And she’ll ship, too!  Now, I’m off to my bunco game where I plan on winning so I can buy more shoes!

  Have a great weekend everyone!


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