SOOC Saturday

May SOM and Squirt Gun Day-1 

My son (on the left) and the cute red-headed boy (on the right) are best friends and have been since their first day together in preschool.   They’re in the same 3rd grade class this year and every year the 3rd graders get to have a day at school where they’re allowed to bring their water guns and have a ‘water play day’.  I drive both of the boys to school in the morning and every morning for 2 weeks now all they’ve been talking about is ‘water play day’ and how they were going to go after eachother the whole time.  As you can see, they did just that. 

I’m doing ‘double duty’ with this shot for both SOOC Saturday and Shutter Sisters.  Won’t you join us?



4 Responses to “SOOC Saturday”

  1. steiderstudios Says:

    Is it possible to have more fun than 2 boys with water guns?

  2. SoCoMom Says:

    Oh this is great — it tells a whole story! I love how 2 different pictures line up to make one.

  3. NTE Says:

    How great is that: they look like they’re having a ball!

  4. J. Says:

    The color is amazing in these shots!

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