Travels of the Heart

Stouffer Girls Beach Shoot 0709-3

I have a thing for hearts: heart signs, heart pictures, heart anything.  A heart is the universal sign of love, so what’s not to love about hearts?  I have been looking for some sort of heart item that I could use in my photography for the longest time.  I wasn’t sure what kind of heart item exactly it was I was looking for, but I wasn’t finding it.  Then, through an unexpected chain of events, I found my heart.  (Well, I found them, actually!). 

Through Facebook I found a coworker that I used to work with  which then led me to Linda, another coworker that had trained me for that job way back in 1983.  Linda now lives in the pacific northwest where she is an artist working with glass.  After emailing back and forth to catch up, I told Linda about my quest to find the perfect heart item and asked if she could make me one.  Not only could she make me a heart, she made me 3 glass hearts in 3 different sizes and they are gorgeous!

Last Friday I did a photo shoot at the beach and I took my little glass hearts with me to use in some of my shots.  Oh my, how I love my hearts!   Because of this it was only natural that I chose these shots for Best Shot Monday.  What’s your best shot today?

(In case your interested, Linda’s hearts are available for purchase and she has them in other colors as well.  You can visit her shop here.)


5 Responses to “Travels of the Heart”

  1. Julie Says:

    Those are great! I love to find hearts to take pictures of too!!

  2. steiderstudios Says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! You are a talented photographer. And thanks for the plug! xoxoxo

  3. Flora Chavez Says:

    Gosh Chris….the more I read from you the more I realize we have in common! I have hearts on almost everything I own…and my daughter loves winged hearts….these are beautiful and I may just purchase some! Thanks again!!!

  4. kathleenkrucoff Says:

    Wow this is sooooo cool. Found your blog through Linda. She’s a wonderful person and a great glass artist. How nice that you have some of her hearts and I love your photographs of them.

  5. Lori Says:

    Stopping by from SITS…

    You blog is so good! And these little hearts are amazing! They are sooo cool and look great in your photographs!

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