SOOC Saturday


Have you had your cakepop today?

See more of SOOC Saturday over at Slurping Life



10 Responses to “SOOC Saturday”

  1. Carrie F. Says:

    OHHH Yummmm!!!

  2. Jessi Says:

    This is so great, I love her enthusiasm 🙂

  3. melody is slurping life Says:

    OMG, as yummy as that cakepop looks…it dims in comparison to how completely adorably beautiful she is. What a shot, love it.

    And thanks for your good thoughts for my family.

  4. K Says:

    OMG how beautiful she is and how she is enjoying the confection

  5. Lisa Says:

    Could that photo get any more adorable, and how sweet is she!!

  6. Bonnie Says:

    oh my goodness … how adorable !!

  7. Puna Says:

    Oh my, I want a cake pop too!

  8. Jewelz Says:

    Cakepops…I MUST try them. I’m a cupcakeaholic :0)
    Lovely capture.
    Thank so much for sharing.

    • Philippe Says:

      I love my Mac! I’ve decided that I will aawlys a need a desktop computer, because doing all my edits on a laptop was murder. it makes SUCH a huge difference! Also, I can’t wait to have a workspace like that. My current desk is our pub-style dining table. Notice I didn’t say dining ROOM table. That’s because we don’t have a dining room. We have a one bedroom apartent, so the 10 foot space from the kitchen to the sofa is our dining space. Eff. I can’t wait to have a house.

  9. Nitesh Says:

    Hello FSRA! I am a Calgary-based professional papeogrhohtr who is doing a shoot for Calgary Co-op in September. I am looking for a 40s/50s era pick-up truck to rent for the day. Know anybody with such a vintage piece that would be interested? Any advise as how to source an old truck would be much appreciated. Thanks, Robert Lemermeyer

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