“Guerrilla Goodness”:The Biggest Love Bomb of All


Guerrilla Goodness!-3

Last week, I posted about my plan for “Guerrilla Goodness” and put it out there for any and all to join me in my plan.  I did this last year with just my son, my girlfriend and her son the day before school started and we had a blast.  We never told anyone we were going to do it, but that next day at school we watched and listened as people commented and smiled about our work.  My son loved knowing that what we had done made so many people happy.  We knew right then that we would most definitely be doing it again.

Once again, thanks to Patience Salgado (where I got the idea from last year), like her I decided to let others know of our plan about “Guerrilla Goodness”.  I posted my plan via my blog and even Facebook and left it at that.  As I pulled up to the school with my son, there were people there checking the classroom lists that had been posted on the wall earlier that day, but we didn’t see anyone there with chalk in hand like us.  As I stood there wondering if anyone else would show up, my son pointed out some of his friends walking up, all with chalk.  A few minutes later, a few more parents and kids then still more and before long, we had a great group of parents and very excited kids!


The kids really got into and wrote from their hearts(as is evident in the first picture above).  There wasn’t just chalk, though.  One parent even brought sidewalk paint (am I the only one who’s never heard of this stuff?!) which was awesome!

Guerrilla Goodness!-2

Everyone who was involved really goit into it, writing what I like to think of as litte ‘love bombs’ and gave it their own special touch.


When I finally got a chance to walk around and look at everyone’s work, I was so touched by everyone’s words of encouragement and involvement but what really got me though, were these words written by a 13 yr. boy that used to be a student at the school.


Those three little words: Trust, Love, Hope, written by that wonderful 13 yr. old boy is why we all need more “Guerilla Goodness” in our lives and that my friends, is the biggest Love Bomb of all.  To everyone that came out to join in on the “Guerrilla Goodness”, you rock!  Now go make some “Guerilla Goodness” of your own and experience your own Love Bombs.  I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

(Want more “Guerilla Goodness” inspiration? Stop by Patience Salgado’s blog, Kindness Girl.  She’ll have you inspired in no time!)


5 Responses to ““Guerrilla Goodness”:The Biggest Love Bomb of All”

  1. guerrilla goodness sidewalk chalk love: bad news, good news… « Kindnessgirl Says:

    […] good and rockin’ blog friend Chris at Everyday Heartbeats  decided to gather her people and do Guerrilla Goodness: West Coast Style. It was a smashing […]

  2. rachel whetzel Says:

    AWESOME!! We’re headed out tonight with a friend from a neighboring town… and then tomorrow, off to help HER in her town… so we’ll have TWO days of love bombing here!! lol I’m so excited!! It’s our first year!!

  3. melody is slurping life Says:

    You guys SO rocked this! Thanks for lifting my spirits as we prepare to begin another year of homeschool.

  4. Melodie Says:

    I just did this too! Posting about it tomorrow. I just can’t wait til my girls are old enough to join me in this!

  5. david, tree house man Says:

    praise God, from whom all these blessings flow

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