In Honor of Melody


Today there will be no SOOC Saturday.  My beautiful friend Melody, the person behind SOOC Saturday, has a hurting soul today and my heart is breaking for her.  I wish I lived closer to her so I could just hug her, but I don’t.  What I can do is honor the mother in her, the love in her, the heart in her. 

Should you feel inclined, stop by and leave words of support or just read her post and then say a little prayer for her, a ‘love bomb’ if you will.  I wish I could do more but for now, I’m sending her the love.  We each bring our own medicine to the world.  Today, I’m giving medicine of my heart and my love and my support to Melody.  It’s the least I can do for my beautiful friend.


One Response to “In Honor of Melody”

  1. J. Says:

    I read through a little, and got a glimpse of the situation. So sad 😦
    She seems like a wonderful, strong woman. I checked out the site she is doing with her son also. Warms my heart, while it breaks for her.
    *sigh* the world is just so not fair, right? ❤

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